Coconut Oil For Your Skin - EPUB Version

A Collection of 66 Simple, Gentle, Nourishing Recipes Your Entire Body Will Love

Coconut Oil For Your Skin – Nourishing Your Body From The Outside In is a true labor of love. I worked very hard to create products that can be made and enjoyed by everyone. Here are a few quick reasons why I think you will love this Ebook.

1. The 66 recipes in this Ebook are all simple to make. I made sure of that. I know that I do not have the time to sit in the kitchen for 8 hours trying to concoct a 4 ounce jar of face wash.

2. The ingredients in the recipes are all readily available at health food stores and online. I have no interest in sending anyone on a wild goose chase for elusive and exotic ingredients.

3. Every single one of my products work and they work great! Scratch that – they are fantastic. Plus, they are all customizable. You can pretty much use any essential oils of your choice should you decide to do something different than what I suggest.

Just in case those reasons were not compelling enough, Coconut Oil For Your Skin also offers information on carrier oils, butters, and essential oils. I even included a pretty cool chart outlining both the physical and emotional benefits of the essential oils called for in the recipes. I also discuss storage of finished products as well as ingredients. Seriously – I did not leave anything out.

That all sounds great but I am sure you are wondering about the recipes themselves. What can you expect to find in the Ebook?
* 13 face and body scrub recipes;
* 5 face and body wash recipes;
* 7 recipes for the bath/shower;
* 12 recipes for body care products like lotions and creams including a cellulite cream and an eczema salve;
* 7 recipes dedicated to your face;
* 5 shampoo recipes;
* 4 recipes that serve as conditions and hair treatments;
* 5 lip balms and;
* 7 miscellaneous recipes such as insect repellant, deodorant, wart remover, “love potion,” toothpaste, and a PMS blend.

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