Salve Made Simple EPUB Version

Heal Skin Ailments Naturally With 30 Simple Salves

Salve. An often overlooked means of both prevention and treatment of a wide variety of ailments.

I had a friend who used to make salve and she made it sound easy. Her salves were magical and incredibly effective. I had no doubt that this was something I could create in my kitchen with very few ingredients. And so, my salve making passion was born.

For the past few years I merely tinkered with salve making. I always kept the base ingredients on hand so I could whip a specific salve up if needed. However, when I started working on recipes for my eBook, Coconut Oil For Your Skin, I realized that the art of salve making was exactly that…an art.

Salve making is therapeutic in a sense. Not only are you creating something so pure, so natural, and so effective for your physical body but the process of salve making is somewhat emotionally healing as well. I am not sure if it is the herbs you are in contact with, the rhythmic flow of melting and stirring, mixing and pouring. All I know is that after a salve making session, I feel reinvigorated, relaxed, and renewed.

Everyone is capable of making simple salves. If you are already a real foodie, I guarantee that you have all the tools you need in your kitchen. There is not anything fancy involved. Even if you are not a real foodies, the ingredients to make salve are all readily available and again, probably already hanging around your pantry.

I am sure that you are curious about what exactly is in this book. I have shared the Table of Contents below so you can get a better feel for the book. In short, I give you some basic background information but then I turn you loose with my very easy recipes. I wanted to keep this eBook short and to the point, focusing on the must-have salve recipes, the ones that you will likely need in your family.

I honestly loved creating this book. It is hands-down my favorite. I know you will treasure it for years to come!

Table of Contents
Medicinal Properties of Herbs and Essential Oils
Other Ingredients
The Basics – Preparing A Medicinal Oil

Crockpot Method
Oven Method
Solar Method
Double Boiler Method

General Salve-Making Instructions

Tools Needed
Basic Directions
To Store

The Salves

Antifungal/Antibacterial Salve
Arthritis Buster
Athlete’s Foot Salve
Baby Salve
Breathe Easy Salve
Broken Bone Relief
Bug Bite Salve
Burn Salve
Cold Buster Salve
Cold Sore Fighter
Cracked Hand Salve
Eczema Salve
Fever Support Salve
Headache Relief Salve
Heal Crack Salve
Itch-Be-Gone Salve
Menstrual Cramp Relief Salve
Motion Sickness Salve
Pain Relief Salve
Poison Oak/Ivy Salve
Splinter Draw Out Salve
St. John's Wort All-Purpose Salve
Sunburn Salve
Sweat Be-Gone Salve
Sweet Dreams Salve #1
Sweet Dreams Salve #2
Tattoo Salve
Tooth Ache Salve

Special Salves
Black Salve

Faux Black Salve #1
Faux Black Salve #2


How To Use GOOT
How To Make GOOT
GOOT Notes

Appendix A: Where to Purchase Quality Ingredients

Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Essential Oils

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